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Fragrance Intensity

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The intensity of a candle's scent depends on the size of the melted wax surface. The recommended size of candles for every 10 sq. meters of space is from 180g to 220g. Exceptionally large or tall rooms or open plan apartments may require a few candles to create a consistent smell.

The intensity of the candle depends on the fragrance itself, since some fragrance notes are inherently delicate.

The scent of the candle becomes more intense when it burns, and the smell will be stronger with each subsequent burning.

Gravity influences the flow of the fragrance oils to the bottom of the candle. If the candle suddenly starts to smell less intense, turning it upside down for about two weeks should help.

The intensity of the candle's scent depends on the air circulation. It is particularly important to find a place for the candle from which the fragrance will diffuse properly.

Sensing smells is a very individual matter. People can experience the intensity of a fragrance in different ways. Knowing your own sensitivity to fragrance notes is important when choosing scented products.

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