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Experience the enigmatic charm of Arabian Princess, a fragrance that encapsulates timeless paradoxes. It weaves together an intricate dance of notes to create an aura of modern intrigue.

At its outset, delicate citrus notes of bergamot and orange intermingle with the freshness of green leaf and a touch of nutmeg and pepper. This opening leads to a captivating heart where the spice of clove and the tranquility of lavender meet the richness of patchouli and amber.

The fragrance's journey culminates with an inspiring blend of vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, moss, and tonka, evoking the sensation of opening a sandalwood box filled with secrets. 

Whether you seek to infuse your bedroom with oriental sensuality or create a calming ambiance in your living room,  Arabian Princess, is your answer.



SKU: 0009
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  • Wax Weight: 300g

    Estimated Burn Time: Approximately 86 hours

    Composition: Crafted from a blend of 100% natural soy and coconut wax

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